Are you supporting a Memory Cafe?

Do you want to learn more about Memory Cafes and dementia?

The Memory Cafe Hub provides online learning which is easily accessible to all those involved with Memory Cafes. It is in two parts: the dementia awareness modules are tailored to the specific learning needs of volunteers in Memory Cafes and five additional modules address the specific learning needs of Memory Cafe Coordinators and others with associated responsibilities such as fundraising and publicity.

Volunteering in a Memory Cafe? Learn to be more dementia aware

By signing up for this online course, you will access nine short modules designed specifically for Memory Cafe volunteers, helping you understand what dementia is, and how it may impact on a person’s communication, emotions, perceptions and ability to do everyday tasks. Modules contain short videos and questions at the end so that your coordinator can track your progress and offer help if needed.

Coordinating or supporting a Memory Cafe? Learn how to do this effectively

There are many challenges, including understanding legislation relevant to Memory Cafes, successful fundraising, improving publicity, supporting volunteers and planning Memory Cafe activity. You do not need to sign up to access these learning modules. Simply select the one(s) you are interested in. Each contains one or more short videos and additional helpful reading.

What is a Memory Cafe?

What is the purpose of a Memory Cafe? How can being part of the Memory Cafe community help people living with dementia? This video offers a quick introduction.