Are you supporting a memory cafe?

The Memory Cafe Hub is a free resource for co-ordinators, volunteers and others running memory cafes – or similar community services for people living with dementia.

Develop your memory cafe

A set of thought-provoking pages and films about all aspects of running a memory cafe, including publicity, fundraising, volunteering, organising activities and the legal questions. These won’t tell you what to do – because memory cafes are as different as the communities they serve. But they give examples of how other memory cafes address common challenges.

How else you can use this resource:
See just the films – you can download them for your own training or embed them on your website


Dementia awareness for memory cafe volunteers

A free video training course for memory cafe volunteers. This nine-part course can be completed individually or used for group training. It can be done with or without the guidance and feedback of a memory cafe coordinator. The course is delivered by Steve Milton, who has many years of experience in training people to interact positively with people living with dementia.

OR… Complete the course with your memory cafe coordinator – submit your assignment answers and get feedback:

Sign up as a coordinator – support your volunteers to complete the training through our online system

What is a memory cafe?

What is the purpose of a memory cafe? How can being part of the memory cafe community help people living with dementia? This video offers a quick introduction.